Why is hemp becoming so popular

Monday Apr 23rd, 2018


My wife Donna once told me that we should buy a hemp farm. This sounded pretty crazy back then. It is not that I did not want to purchase a farm but I am not farmer. I chose to live in Orangeville because it was a good place to live. There were horse farms all over, ski hills for skiing in winter, hiking trails and also known as head waters county it features lakes and 5 rivers.  Nothing felt better than living in this part of the world but growing hemp part was not something that inspired me too much. Now fast foward into the future and hemp is becoming really popular.  My wife who can be like a pit bull with a bone never let go of the idea.  She started researching hemp and all the benefits.  Here are just a few things that I learned.  Hemp is a weed that grows naturally. It is so abundant that in the early 1900's the governement made it illegal since corporatations could not make money from it.  Previously it was used for everything from clothes, bed sheets to oil for vehicles.  It was also used for health issues.  In 2017 my wife tells me that she is going to sell CBD oil for pets. CBD is an oil from hemp. She sourced a Canadian distributor and ordered 100 bottles of the stuff.  She told friends and neighbors and slowly she started building up an arsenal of great testimonials and followers. The most remarkable thing was that the repeat business came in. I believe this means that people liked in and wanted more.  Here are some of the feedback that I got.  Diane had a nephew on chemo. He could not keep food down and when he took the oil he was able to start eating again after only a few days. Our friend Wendy has 3 dogs. Each one had its own healing experience. One of them stopped having flaky skin and the dandruf disappeared. The second had joingt and mobility issues and was no longer jumping on the bed but was able to after 2 weeks on the oil. The third was always nervous and would start barking around lound noises.  She calmed right down.  Donna's horse have some issues with lameness and would not be able to walk down the road without tripping. After a month on the product it was doing great and no more tripping.  I think you get the idea.  This is a miracle oil, that does not get you high but instead helps the body and mind to come into balance.  I have only limited knowledge of how it works but if you do want more information text Donna at 519-546-9224 or email her at bigonzi@gmail.com.  

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