Using agents comments to negotiate a favorable deal for our client

Saturday Jul 31st, 2021


As many of you know I have been studying things such as graphology, nlp and hypnosis to help me be a better negotiator in selling real estate. I believe it has paid off. Yesterday, using my super powers of listening to everything that is being said, the agent who brought us an offer mentioned during an inspection how these clients had been looking for a long time. I could see and hear in the tone of their voice,  that they were tired of working with these clients. They had shown many homes over a few months and this was the first that fit the criteria. I also sensed that the clients, who were not present, were also tired and frustrated and wanted to get their four kids into school before  the school year started. 

When the agent called us for a price decrease, we gave them some options that they could not live with. As a result, the came back later and proceeded to  waive all conditions and accepted the house as is.  It was really cool because instead of taking money off  for the defects, we asked for more.  I could just feel them squirm and then a few hours later it was done. Sooo much fun.

At the end of the day, these buyers really did get a nice house for a fair price. My sellers too are happy, as they finish packing up to move on to a new adventure.

The moral of the story is that lose lips sink ships.  Realtor unintentionally revealed too much information.

Selling a house is not easy. Skilled realtors leverage many resources to get the job done.  This is just another day for me but I will not say it was easy.   Need to get the job done? Call me.

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