The value of Networking

Monday Apr 16th, 2018


In 2015 I was introduced to a BNI goup. It was a great concept. The people there were fun and brought much to the table. I immediately saw value and decided I would join. My category was real estate which was one of the hardest categories to get into so making a fast decision was crucial. Unfortunately as hard as we tried this new group just could not get off the ground. We would get 3 new people and lose 3 just as fast.  As a result I tried to get into existing groups and again being category specific I just could not find a group where I did not have to travel 100 miles  for 7 am meetings.  Frustrated and discouraged I was ready to give up when a person with a similar situation approached me.  Over coffee we discussed starting our own group so that our category was secured.  One of the intentions was to grow the group big enough to transition to BNI.

Today, Good Morning Brampton ( is a strong and vibrant networking group with over 40 regular attendees.  We charge a nominal fee to pay for room rental and coffee and we are averaging $20,000 per month in referrals.  The rules exist for consistancy but are not as rigid as BNI. For example you must attend 3 consecutive meetings prior to applying for a category and if after being accepted you miss 3 consecutive meetings then your category is back up for grabs. 

Everybody is welcome to visit with us.  The more guest we meet, the better we succeed. We meet in Brampton upstairs at Fortino's located at Bovaird and Worthington.  Meeting starts at 8am

My wife started attending because she was jelous of all the fun I was having.  Today she has her own business and sells CBD oil which is a hemp based product for pet wellness. 

Last week for a  surprise birthday party, I connected with a group member who is a personal chef. The chef came to the house, prepared, cooked and served 20 guests.  Now that I have experienced the excellence of her service I can easily recommend her to family and friends.

Networking is not only about having coffee and a good laugh but our recommendations come from the heart and when you know, trust and like someone the recommendation is easy to make.  This being said, I also do not recommend everybody in the group. First I have to like them, know who they are and then have enough trust in what they offer. 

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