Real Estate Investing South Of The Border For Canadians

Thursday May 03rd, 2018


Often I have friends who ask me about investing in the United States. Truth be told I can not advise them whether it is a good or bad decision. Investing in a foreign country has rules and regulations which may or may not be good. There is risk as in what happened here in Toronto lately where the government decided that foreign investors should be penalized.  It may have been good for Canadians but if you were a foreign investor you had to bite the bullet. 

Another thing that I have found is that as a foreigner you can not  get a mortgage easily in another country.  If you do, since the risk is higher for the lender you are now paying a stupid high rate.

The currency rate is another factor which may affect you. You may make or lose money simply on the fact that the Candian Dollar went up or down in value. 

I have found this article CLICK HERE  at this following site which has lots of good information. 

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