Painting is the quickest remedy to getting top value for your home

Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018


As many of you know I am part of the Brampton Networking Group ( Every week as I attend a meeting I have the opportunity to listen to our speaker of the week. This time around is was Allen Wilder, a proffessional painter and owner of Deluxe Painting.  Allen is a very special person. He has painted for over 15 years experience in painting both residential properties and commercial properties as well. He lives in Brampton and easily accesses my client base that goes from Orangeville to Mississauga and from Guelph to Woodbridge.  There are a few reasons why I would recommend Allen. First is the tools he uses.  He has an assortment of tools that makes a job that would take me 3 days take only a few hours for himself.  Why this important you may ask? I am getting older and everything hurts. When I try to use muscles that have not been used for a long time, 3 days equals to a lot of pain. Secondly when these guys get paid by the hour, should this be the case, then knowing that they can work fast is of essence.   Recently I had a chance to go see his home. It is a true testement to the quality of his work.  There was not 1 imperfection in the finishing touches.  In real estate time is money. Everything is also time sensitive. If I need a house on the market by the weekend, I need to know I have be I know, like and trust.  I do rely on experts and proud to recommend Allen Wilder from Deluxe Painters. His tag line is taking the pain out of painting.

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