Making Good Morning Brampton Great in 2019

Thursday Jan 03rd, 2019


January 3, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone.  Our leadership group which consists of Donna Bigonzi, Bridgette Chung, Anand Serwiene, Lisa Brown, Bonnie Dagger and myself met to review the year past and adjust for the year to come. 

On the agenda was the problem with categories. We have decided that this will be changed to proffession. I am a realtor, Anand is a financial planner, Dianne is Car and Property Insurance broker etc... By working with proffessions we will be able to streamline the issue of everybody doing everything.  There may be some loose ends which we can address as the need arises.   

We then addressed the MLM companies. A person can represent a product or a company but product will have priority over the company. Therefore as an example, my product is toothpaste,  a person who has tooth paste as part of their MLM product line can never talk about their tooth paste.  This is because MLM companies have very extensive product offerings (with good reason) but it makes it hard for those in our group to know where they stand. 

Attendance was addressed as well as tardiness.  Miss 3 consecutive meetings and your category is up for grab. If you miss 3 meetings for now you will still be allowed to do your elevator speech but the position is not guarenteed to be yours.  As for tardiness, a sign will be put on the door saying that meeting is in progress and doors will be opened at break. Understood that life happens but it seems to happen most often to the same people.  Late comers make it hard to hear the people talking and disrupts everyone. 

BNI was discussed. BNI has a givers get philosophy. Some people in the group come to take but go back to BNI and give referrals to that group so as not to lose their standing.  It was decided that all BNI members will be made welcome and want to give us referrals.  We will work hard to make this the best referral group around. After all we are doing something right to be at about 40 members. 

A business mixer is being planned and Lisa Brown has taken the initiative to find the right venue.  The objective is to set this up somewhere within 10 minutes of Fortinos where we all meet. It is being set up for Monday April 1. Provided we can find the right space, we can set it up as a mini trade show where we can have people go around the outside of the room and talk to those who choose to put up tables and exhibits. 

We will be setting up new roles to allow everyone to contribute. The more you do, the more you get but some people do not know hpw to take the initiative.  By creating some roles, members become an integral success to the meeting and as such learn many leadership skills in the process.

On January 8th, we will spend the first part of the meeting going over changes and please remember we are a volunteer organization. This is your group and all ideas and concerns are appropriate and will be addressed with the highest level on integrity. 

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