Leveraging the Power of Royal Lepage Credit Valley

Friday Mar 22nd, 2019


The spring market is in full swing.  This means I am really busy. Just in the month of March I sold a business, an investment property and a condo town home. One was in Brampton, the other in Kingston and the last in Orangeville.  Unlike some realtors who work one building and go up and down the elevator with their clients all day long, my clients who know, like and trust me want me involved in their big dollar decisions.   And so I am like the wind. Everywhere and Nowhere.


When I joined Royal Lepage Credit Valley a few years back I needed a powerful brokerage I with a set of skills, knowledge and tools that I could leverage. After all, without leverage I am a single person taking on the world.  This is how my brokerage helps me.

Our back office is filled with marketing tools. They provide me with newsletters, postcards, flyers and all the content which I need to drive my business,   

They have a system in place which allows me to follow up with regular e-messages and reminders so that I never forget

The front end support is there for me to take appointments and confirm them back to me so that I am not spending valuable time chasing a seller agent.  We have full and part time receotion that take phone calls and make the appoinments and have always been there to print feature sheets and other material when I ask for help. We have a deals department that never misses a beat. What they do for me is make sure all the paperwork is compliant and that the lawyers get copies of everything and that we all get our monies. This includes the client, the brokerage and all those in between.  We then have our brokers and managers who between them have a gazillion years of real estate sales experience.  Writing a clause is not hard but writing a good clause is.  They are there and available for me even at 11 pm when I am trying to negotiate a deal for my client and I need help.

We also have inside lawyers that help us and out clients. The reason I love this is because having a relationship with a lawyer helps to smooth out things. If instead I am dealing with an unknwn person I can not even call them and expect free advice which may save my clients thousands of dollars. We also have in house mortgage agents to facilitate the education and pre-approval around financial matters. 

Lastly I wanted to talk about the power of a big brokerage. At Royal Lepage Credit Valley I believe we have 150 agents that work from this location. Some I have gotten to know well and some I have never seen. To me working alonside so many gives me the freedom to be everywhere. When I was in Hawaii, I never missed a call or an appoinment because I had backup. When I was recently off to London, I had a commercial agent assist in negotiating terms on an offer received that day. When I had 3 clients looking for a property the same day, I had 2 agents who stepped up to show the homes that I was not available to show myself. Next month on my wife's birthday, I have a new listing and I have already asked someone to do the open house for me so that Istay married. 

Leverage is really the key.  Royal Lepage Credit Valley gives me all that and so much more!

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