Is the answer to buy or to rent

Tuesday Nov 26th, 2019


I was recently with a realtor friend who told me that he was out-bidded on a rental unit he was working on for a client of his.  He had offered $500 more per month than the asking price and also offered to pay 6 months up front.  Unfortunately in this market,  what is a normal amount to pay.  It all comes down to supply and demand. Little supply and high demand pushes prices up. 

In the past I used to tell people if you can not afford to buy then rent. This does not hold true any longer. If you can find a rental then it may make sense. If you can not then maybe consider buying.  Different kinds of homes can include Tiny Homes that can be transported to almost anywhere. Then there is co-ownership and co-habitation in multi-family dwellings. 

For those looking for a luxury apartment at a reasonable price, I do have one available in Grand Valley.  It is just up Trafalgar Rd and less than 45 minutes to Mississauga, Georgetown, Brampton and Orangeville. 

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