How a dowser can help in sick homes

Monday Jun 11th, 2018


I belong to the Canadian Society of Dowsers.  Basically a bunch of great people who understand how to use pendulums divining rods for the purpose of finding water, lost objects and noxious energies amongst other things.  What does this mean to home buyers and sellers?  First for the home seller, if the energy of a home is not good, it can be cleared. Energy can be measured using the dowsing tools and after a good clearing the space will feel better and lighter.  Just imagine being in a room after someone had a heated argument. Even after they leave the energy of the argument remains untill it is cleaned. My prefered way of doing the cleaning is just playing a pre-recorded CD which has the intent to clean the space in which it is played.  Easy enough.  For the home buyer it involves having a healthy home to live in. Lots of documented studies exist about sleeping over a water vein and getting sick because of this.  In some cases it is easy to move furniture and in some cases it may require other techniques to make sure the energy coming from below is not affecting the person.  Since my general intent is to be guided to the right home from the beginning I generally do not pull out my rods. If anything it freaks out too many people. 

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Also living in the country, water is a big deal. Unlike the city where you just turn the faucet and out it comes, in the country factors such as quantity, smell, potability all play into the equation.   This is just something I can do to help my clients.