Healthy Realtor

Thursday Apr 26th, 2018


I know that some of my colleages talk about working 24/7.  Realistically this is impossible. Even as part of a team, we are human. The truth is that we work hard but not continuous hours.  I generally plan my work around what is important to me. A mentor, Brian Buffini, once showed us while on stage, how he takes a yearly planner and put all the important things that he wanted to do in the following 12 months. He added birtdays and holidays and personal days etc.. He then would scheduel his work around this.  After all you work to have money to do things but if you work and have no time to enjoy those things that make life worth while then you wake up one day finding yourself lonely and unhappy. 

Today I understand this concept more than ever.  I seek balance in all areas of my life.  Generally I will wake up in the morning and do a 15 minute meditation. Meditation has been proven to de-stress the body and allow it to heal. It also opens up int0uition which allows you to be more synchronistic with less effort.  The next thing before going outside for a 30 minute walk is doing a 10 minute session on my T-Zone whole body vibration machine. What this device does is bring oxygen to every cell of the body and standing 10 minutes on the platform is equal to a 2 mile walk. The next thing which I do is eat my first of 3 meals.  I recently read a book which explained that the body cycles food in a 4 hour process. My best analogy to explain the process is to compare it to a washing machine.  If you put clothes into the washer when you pull them out at the end they will be clean. On the other hand if you keep adding soap before the cycle is complete you will pull them out  with soap still on them.   The same thing happens in the body.  

It is after getting my body mind and soal alligned that I begin my day.   Being healthy is a must since the stress of the job will get us at the end. 

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