Graphology - A way to work in your favor

Friday Jul 23rd, 2021


How is it that some agents are better than others. Does knowing everything about real estate make you a better agent?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  In my opinion where I focus my attention allows me to be the better agent.  Every year I pick a few areas to excel in.  It is not reading one more report about the mortgage market or best places to live. This area is , for me, something that compliments what I am doing but not directly related.  

This year, 2021 for example, I decided to study NLP and also graphology.  Graph may ask.  Graphology is simply the art of understanding a person by looking at their handwriting and signature.


Image result for handwriting

 I now understand my clients better and the competing offers become easier to negotiate with. By looking at a signature, for example, it is easier to see if the person will follow through or sabotage before completing.   If a person does not complete, I may then negotiate a larger deposit before they can walk away.  If numbers are not legible it may mean that a person is dishonest.

Life is too short to waste time.  When you are buying a home, you know you can always trust me for thy skills and talents (too many to list and too scary to think about).

Enjoy your summer


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