Do realtors really work 24 hours per day, every day? Sorry, I am human

Thursday May 31st, 2018


On a day like today when the weather is hot and humid and just moving slightly causes you to break out into a profuse sweat. What do I do? I am a realtor. I need to be outside as much as possible. If I do not connect with my clients or with new people I get no business. No business means no money in my pocket.


Most people believe that real estate the job of real estate is about selling the house. Having been in this business for many years now I know that the selling of a house is the outcome of connecting with people and doing things in the background. There are a whole lot of things that I do when the weather isn’t great.  First there are many education oportunities.  Technology being so fast paced means that I have to continuously learn to be more productive and effective.  It includes learning new social media and software applications. Then comes being compliant with changes in legal issues as they affect me and my business.  Courses are available from my brokerage, on-line and in private.  There are also required skills that need to be fine tuned such as negotiating and conflict resolution.  Lastly there is just going out to see homes.  Spending an hour a week to see homes in your neighborhood keeps me sharp as to the prices and trends.  It also helps me to connect with others in the business which is invaluable when competing with or against them.


The next part of the job which really is the hardest  is finding clients.  This is why I attend networking groups such as Good Morning Brampton or  the Georgetown networking group.   It is better to attend a function with 40 people and get to know, trust and like them very well then to know many people who you see once in a while but do not really know anything about them. Networking takes me about 20 hours per week. It is not about giving out business cards it is about relationships.

Ironically I rarely look for new business any more. It seems that people approach me more times than not wanting to know something about real estate. They are there want to know what is available or how much their house is worth or how the market is doing. Many of their concerns are based on fear from what they hear on the news. My job is to find a way to quickly educate them.  Often I will tell them stop listening to the news because what is reported is not a true indication of their specific marketplace. As an example, when houses in Toronto were going up 10 and 12% per year, the average home in Orangeville was only going up 5 and 6% per year.  When  the news comes out that the market is so hot and crazy it was true for one area but not so true for the other. Right now I am working with a client in one area where houses are going for over asking and about 40 miles away the same size house is sitting 60 Days on the market Again I have to explain to him that each market has its own ups and downs. In this case, the town where houses were sitting for a long time, had only one major employer. As soon as the employer laid off 10% of its Workforce, those who had houses in the area had to pay more to go outside to find employment and as the price of gas went up, it became too expensive for those 10% of employees to commute. As a result many homes went on the market at same time and there was not enough demand support it.


Today since I am hot and out of steam, it is a good day to write a blog. Tomorrow, who knows.  Call me and we can go have fun somewhere.


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