De-clutter for sale

Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018


What does it mean to de-clutter a house? I realize that everybody has a different understanding. For me as a realtor, it only has one meaning. Remove as much as possible since you are moving.


Book shelves should be cleared and books put in boxes ready to be given away or  stored out of site for your next home.


The top of cupboards should have all ornamental pieces removed and packed and put in the garage or storage space.


Paint cans should be thrown away with a minimal amount placed in jars for last minute touch ups.


Perfect time to go through the closets and throw out or recycle old things that have no value to you anymore.


Kids toys are not needed if the kids have moved out. Store them or give them away. If your kids do not want them move them out.


If kids still live in the house, give them just a few things to play with. Hopefully the move is quick and they can have their things back soon.


Exercise equipment sucks the life out of you on moving day if you need to lift and move it around. If you do not have a professional mover get some friends to move that treadmill into the garage.


Small things need a lot of work. Make the box size small which is easier to carry and then wrap tea cups, mugs and plates  leaving only enough to eat for the next few weeks.


Dog and cat toys are somewhat more for the owners than the animals. They will not be upset if they only have one or two. The rest put in a box, label it fluffy and then put it away.


Holy crap! Now that many things are gone, dirt shows everywhere. In my opinion dirt brings you a lower price. Take a damp cloth and clean off the dust.


Good luck moving!


Stephania Perogina Oct 24, 2018
You are right. What do I do with the boyfriend hiding under the bed?

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