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Commercial Bakery On MLS June 15th

Thursday Jun 14th, 2018


I am a realtor with Royal Lepage Credit Valley. I have had some awesome clients who taught me alot from their life experience. The main thing was to see possibilities. To look at something and see more than what it actually is.  This is why I am so excited about this opportunity to sell a commercial property in Courtland Ontario.  The name of the bakery is Courtland Bakery. Owned by John and Mary for over 44 years. The reason for selling is that after all these years they want to play more and work less. Makes sense.

First lets look at the 1 acre property. There is the back of the bakery that produces all the baked goods that include pies, cakes, breads etc.  Then there is the retail side which sells the products and other specialty items. We have the deli counter and coffee bar with a few tables and chairs where people can come and eat and have a bite. Then there is a house.   

First theproducts that the  bakery produces are sold primarily in the retail end. With high capacity ovens the volume could be increased to supply external outlets as well.

The retail side can expand its product offering with non-food items. 

In Toronto, deigner pizzas are big business. Add a few specialty items on it and you now double the price.  I am not saying this is the way to go but again keeping options open helps in finding the right buyer.

Now for the house. It was used by the owners for many years. It could provide rental income or could be converted into a day spa or bed and breakfast.  I really like the idea of a B&B. Travellers have the oportunity to spend a night and in the morning go to the bakery for fresh coffee and breakfast. They pay $100/ night and this goes alot further than renting out the house to a tenant for $900 per month. Lots less headaches too. 

23 long time employees and the owner will to consider holding a first mortgage. Here is the question. Who do you know who would go into business with you. You bake, they run the restaurant, the third person runs the B&B.  

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