Cannabis Legalization May Be A Problem For Pot Growing Home Owners

Friday May 11th, 2018


I just read an article about how some realtors are concerned about turning a little Cannabis plant in your home into a full blown grow op.  The number one concern is comparing the homeowner to an illegal grower who would often use identity theft to purchase a house, then steal hydro from neighbors by building tunnels under the foundation and then using all kinds of hydration systems to water their crop. The end result is a house that is literally destroyed with mold growing all over the place and often really expensive to do the repair work.  To top it all off, even if done properly the house now is stigmatized as a grow-op and registered with the authorities as such.  Any person who then buys or trys to sell this him will find themselves penalized by insurance companies and unable to get full market value when trying to sell. Regardless of having documents showing that the issues have been remedied by proffessionals. 

Lets compare this individual to theoretically myself that may want to grow a plant. I would either grow it by the window for full light and may even talk to it so that it grows happy and strong. If I were to use a light, it may be a full spectrum light that uses no more than a few dollars a month to keep turned on.  As for water, I would check every few days  to make sure the soil is moist. In essence I would be taking the same level of care with it as with any other house plant.  I have nice flooring and a nice home and the last thing I want to do is to destroy it.

My wife,  Donna, who loves animals started to research CBD oil and the health benefits of Marijuana and Hemp. ( I need to note for those reading this that only hemp is good for animals and that the other may be deadly.  Also these are my opinions and not intended to heal treat or cure anybody.  Go seek advice from doctors.)  Each has hundreds of benefits and sometimes combined are even more powerful without the effects of smoking pot.  What is even more amazing is that when juicing the leaves in a blender with water it is really powerful as a medicine.  I believe that it may be something that one day I would consider. After all what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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