Building on a strong foundation

Saturday Oct 16th, 2021


The story of 3 little pigs is really about real estate.  As a metaphor for building a life which withstands every day turmoil, the story is only as true as the reality of today. Many people have told me that inspectors are a waste of time and money. That is true when there is nothing wrong with the house you wish to purchase. It is also the furthest from the truth when an inspector finds a flaw that you can not live with.  

Today with youtube videos everyone believes they are a super hero,  an expert.  Usually the videos are prepared by those who know the trade. They make things look easy. Then you try it.  Maybe not as easy.   I recently undertook 2 simple projects. Both as result of being unable to find a qualified contractor willing to undertake a small job. The first included cement work.  Could not mix the stuff properly to get the right consistancy.  When I finally laid it, in some places it looked great and in others it looked like crap.  I can update you next year after seeing what it looks like after the winter.  The next project I thought would be easy. Dig a 10 x 10 hole, fill with screening and lay tiles. 3 weeks into it I am exhausted. Screening down, sand needed to level it off and then hopefully all the patio stones will be even. Here are 2 projects that from appearance would pass inspection but only time will tell.

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