Brampton Networking Group

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


With over 40 regular members who meet every Tuesday morning, we provide a wealth of cumulative experience. I ma in real estate but who I know is priceless. When a client is looking to buy or sell a home what they usually ask me is who do you know who can "x"? It may be flooring, tiling kitchens and bathrooms. the list is endless. This is when I go to my core group and always have within a few hours the right resources for my clients. Working with me is like working with the entire... [read more]

How many acres do I need for a horse farm?

Thursday Sep 14th, 2017


Many things will affect how much property you should purchase for a horse farm.  To start with, what kind of horse operation do you want?  My wife an I own a horse.  One day my wife said to me she wanted a farm.  I looked at her and said Noooooo! I do not have a regular job where I can be home to feed them every night. The ideal farm for us is situated 20 minutes away from Orangeville. For a small fee, they bring him in at night and feed him.    We know lots... [read more]

Should I sell?

Sunday Oct 09th, 2016


If you sell this is good for me.  However the right answer is tell me why you want to sell? Do you have a choice at this time? If you have a job transfer do you wish to rent the property for now? Given how crazy the market is, we look at the spread between what you want and what you have. Sell high, buy high or sell low and buy low. For investors the strategy is always to look for ROI. There is good opportunity in every market. For avg Joe another strategy may be apporopriate. Call... [read more]