Building on a strong foundation

Saturday Oct 16th, 2021


The story of 3 little pigs is really about real estate.  As a metaphor for building a life which withstands every day turmoil, the story is only as true as the reality of today. Many people have told me that inspectors are a waste of time and money. That is true when there is nothing wrong with the house you wish to purchase. It is also the furthest from the truth when an inspector finds a flaw that you can not live with.   Today with youtube videos everyone believes they... [read more]

Using agents comments to negotiate a favorable deal for our client

Saturday Jul 31st, 2021


As many of you know I have been studying things such as graphology, nlp and hypnosis to help me be a better negotiator in selling real estate. I believe it has paid off. Yesterday, using my super powers of listening to everything that is being said, the agent who brought us an offer mentioned during an inspection how these clients had been looking for a long time. I could see and hear in the tone of their voice,  that they were tired of working with these clients. They had shown many homes... [read more]

Graphology - A way to work in your favor

Friday Jul 23rd, 2021


How is it that some agents are better than others. Does knowing everything about real estate make you a better agent?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  In my opinion where I focus my attention allows me to be the better agent.  Every year I pick a few areas to excel in.  It is not reading one more report about the mortgage market or best places to live. This area is , for me, something that compliments what I am doing but not directly related.   This year, 2021 for... [read more]

Innoivative Strategy For Seller Clients

Wednesday May 20th, 2020


  Many realtors have never experienced a downturn the  likes of which we are experiencing in the economy right now. As more people are allowed to leave their homes many may want to downsize or upsize or simply rent.  If you can yiou may wish to offer a VTB (Vendor take back Mortgage).  Assuming you bought the property 10 years ago and have either paid off the mortgage or built up equity a VTB may be a really interesting alternative for the following reason. If the... [read more]

Solid Investment For Solid Times

Thursday Apr 2nd, 2020


In uncertain times, having a good property in a great location is important. I know that with all things there is a good time and bad time to buy homes but we all need to live somewhere.  I like this place. Just went up in Mississauga. Priced right and has low condo fees. No need to worry about crowded elevators. Best of all it is 1600 sq. feet of living space.  If you want to see it give me a call.   MLS: W4735200 [read more]

Law of Attraction For Home Buyers

Tuesday Feb 4th, 2020


        In 1995 I was introduced to the work of Abraham Hicks. I was so amazed by the fact that I can be, do or have anything that I became engrossed by their work. I booked a flight to Los Angeles and went to see them in person. At the time groups were small ranging from 25 people to 120 in the bigger cities. My intention was clear at that time and my life changed for the better. I had money coming in, got a great job, met a lovely woman, was blessed with good friends and... [read more]

Make money now or make money later

Friday Jan 31st, 2020


The idea of sitting next to a small stream and enjoying your summer with a fishing rod or simply with a fishing rod makes this property a really interesting investment. First the house has been set up as a total rent out. The upstairs and downstairs can bring in substantial revenue that will allow the tenants to cover all expenses.  Secondly because of the stream, the property is ready for a complete facelift. If the neighborhood is indicative of the trend of pulling down the old to... [read more]

Commercial Retail Opportunity - Gown and Dress

Friday Jan 31st, 2020


Two years ago big dreams changed directions making this an ideal time for the right person to get into business.  Located in Orangeville the sellers were planning to sell gowns and dresses. Due to ill health the store never opened.  We are looking for the ideal person to take over the lease and start tomorrow. This is a turn key operation and is available with or without inventory. MLS #W4678980 [read more]

Is the answer to buy or to rent

Tuesday Nov 26th, 2019


I was recently with a realtor friend who told me that he was out-bidded on a rental unit he was working on for a client of his.  He had offered $500 more per month than the asking price and also offered to pay 6 months up front.  Unfortunately in this market,  what is a normal amount to pay.  It all comes down to supply and demand. Little supply and high demand pushes prices up.  In the past I used to tell people if you can not afford to buy then rent. This does not... [read more]

It is all about lifestyle

Monday Oct 14th, 2019


 It is once again fall. We love this time of year. Not to hot and not  too cold.  We moved to the Orangeville area 20 + years ago to be one with nature. Over here we have ponds to swim in, streams to go fishing, ski hills and golf courses. The air is fresh and things are just  great. Good place to live and even better place to retire. There is all the amenities and yet the crime rate is low and people still make eye contact.    If you are considering a great... [read more]

New Trend Makes Housing Affordable

Wednesday Apr 24th, 2019


New Trend In Affordable Housing April 24th, 2019 Today I had the most amazing chance encounter in which we ended up discussing in depth the concept of co-ownership. The more we talked, the more I was blown away by the possibilities.  So let me start at the beginning so that things make sense. In todays economy,  it is scary for many,  that the price of affordable housing is making it  harder to find a good place to live. First time buyers are often looking at entry... [read more]

New Listing In Mississauga

Thursday Apr 4th, 2019


https://tours.housefocus.ca/welcome-to-3959-hazelridge-road-mississauga/ I am excited to announce a new listing on the market. It will be up today and gone tomorrow. If you know someone interested let me know. The home is spotless and in move in condition. Every year since they have owned the property the owners have focused on upgrading something. Roof, windows, painting, kitchen and appliances etc; Our open house will be this weekend April 6 and 7th from... [read more]

Leveraging the Power of Royal Lepage Credit Valley

Friday Mar 22nd, 2019


The spring market is in full swing.  This means I am really busy. Just in the month of March I sold a business, an investment property and a condo town home. One was in Brampton, the other in Kingston and the last in Orangeville.  Unlike some realtors who work one building and go up and down the elevator with their clients all day long, my clients who know, like and trust me want me involved in their big dollar decisions.   And so I am like the wind. Everywhere and... [read more]

Making Good Morning Brampton Great in 2019

Thursday Jan 3rd, 2019


January 3, 2019 Happy New Year Everyone.  Our leadership group which consists of Donna Bigonzi, Bridgette Chung, Anand Serwiene, Lisa Brown, Bonnie Dagger and myself met to review the year past and adjust for the year to come.  On the agenda was the problem with categories. We have decided that this will be changed to proffession. I am a realtor, Anand is a financial planner, Dianne is Car and Property Insurance broker etc... By working with proffessions we will be able to... [read more]

Testimonials are what my business is about

Monday Nov 19th, 2018


Google's dictionary definition of testimonial is "a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications." These usually come from customers, colleagues, or peers who have benefitted from or experienced success as a result of the work you did for them. To me a testimonial tells me that I have provided the best possible service I could and have made my client happy. Because buying and selling is much more than just settling on a price or... [read more]

The same car - two different prices

Saturday Nov 3rd, 2018


 Does you house look like the one on the right or on the left.  Sellers think that just because the buyer will clean and paint that they will pay the same amount. This is so wrong.  [read more]

De-clutter for sale

Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018


What does it mean to de-clutter a house? I realize that everybody has a different understanding. For me as a realtor, it only has one meaning. Remove as much as possible since you are moving.   Book shelves should be cleared and books put in boxes ready to be given away or  stored out of site for your next home.   The top of cupboards should have all ornamental pieces removed and packed and put in the garage or storage space.   Paint cans should be thrown... [read more]

Buy Low Sell High

Wednesday Oct 17th, 2018


I love the idea of buying low and selling high. After the fact, many investors using this strategy haveclaimed to have made Fortunes. They then turn around and say I bought low and sold High. It is a great concept which after the fact means nothing. If I had a crystal ball I would buy penny stocks and sell them a week later and never have to work again. I really like that idea. Reality is that the higher the return, the higher the risk. Most people who buy low and try to sell high in a... [read more]

Pay Now Or Pay Later - Home Repairs and Updating

Tuesday Sep 25th, 2018


This year I was fortunate to be able to replace my furnace, my roof and paint the entire house. The entire process cost me over$7,000. The question arises; is my house really worth $7,000 more because of them money spent?  The answer is no. As a realtor, when asked the value of somebody's home, I have to give the homeowner my pinion of  value. The truth is that every home has a furnace, which is in some level of deppreciation. It does not necessarily mean that... [read more]

New Listing In Guelph and New VLOG

Sunday Jul 15th, 2018


I have never done a video blog before but I find virtual tours somewhat boring. Especially that music that we add on. This is why I am going to try it out. Lets see how it goes. Feel free to send me comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB9Ze2YYBFU [read more]

Are basement renovations a better improvement than kitchens

Thursday Jun 28th, 2018


I have taken this directly from Royal Lepage Newsletter but there is awesome information contained within   Kitchen renovation has greatest potential to boost a property’s sale price Prospective sellers likely to spend less than 2.5% of a home’s value on home improvement TORONTO, JUNE 28, 2018 – According to a cross-Canada survey of over 750 Royal LePage real estate experts, a kitchen renovation is the clear upgrade of choice with the potential to... [read more]

Commercial Bakery On MLS June 15th

Thursday Jun 14th, 2018

Courtland Bakery

I am a realtor with Royal Lepage Credit Valley. I have had some awesome clients who taught me alot from their life experience. The main thing was to see possibilities. To look at something and see more than what it actually is.  This is why I am so excited about this opportunity to sell a commercial property in Courtland Ontario.  The name of the bakery is Courtland Bakery. Owned by John and Mary for over 44 years. The reason for selling is that after all these years they want to play... [read more]

How a dowser can help in sick homes

Monday Jun 11th, 2018


I belong to the Canadian Society of Dowsers.  Basically a bunch of great people who understand how to use pendulums divining rods for the purpose of finding water, lost objects and noxious energies amongst other things.  What does this mean to home buyers and sellers?  First for the home seller, if the energy of a home is not good, it can be cleared. Energy can be measured using the dowsing tools and after a good clearing the space will feel better and lighter.  Just imagine... [read more]

Our taxes are not much different down under. We all love paying them

Friday Jun 8th, 2018


I read an article by Emma Koehn written on June 4th of 2018. I found it interesting to compare how the Australian taxation system is very similar and yet different from that here in Canada. We at Royal Lepage try very hard to be knowledgeable about everything. It is quite an impossible endevour but it often surprises me as to what extent my knowledge base has grown since starting in Real Estate. I have a strong background in sales, economics and finances. I am also involved in real estate of... [read more]

Did the DEA Just Quietly Approve CBD?

Wednesday Jun 6th, 2018


I just read this note from a CTFO email.  Knowing the interest in my entourage about getting healthy I wanted to just pass on the information. Did the DEA Just Quietly Approve CBD? The industrial-hemp industry may have gotten a nod of approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration in late May, when the agency clarified that not all compounds of cannabis fall under the Controlled Substances Act. Referencing a 2004 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that... [read more]

Do realtors really work 24 hours per day, every day? Sorry, I am human

Thursday May 31st, 2018


On a day like today when the weather is hot and humid and just moving slightly causes you to break out into a profuse sweat. What do I do? I am a realtor. I need to be outside as much as possible. If I do not connect with my clients or with new people I get no business. No business means no money in my pocket.   Most people believe that real estate the job of real estate is about selling the house. Having been in this business for many years now I know that the selling of a house is... [read more]

Cannabis Legalization May Be A Problem For Pot Growing Home Owners

Friday May 11th, 2018


I just read an article about how some realtors are concerned about turning a little Cannabis plant in your home into a full blown grow op.  The number one concern is comparing the homeowner to an illegal grower who would often use identity theft to purchase a house, then steal hydro from neighbors by building tunnels under the foundation and then using all kinds of hydration systems to water their crop. The end result is a house that is literally destroyed with mold growing all over the... [read more]

Realtor.ca is the only place I send my clients.

Saturday May 5th, 2018


I once had a client that found the perfect home at the perfect price. Unfortunately even though it was on MLS and she gave me the MLS number the listing was from 10 years ago. Realtor.ca is in my opinion the only trusted source for information. To see the entire article click here Why Consumers Trust REALTOR.ca REALTOR.ca is the primary resource for anyone looking to buy or sell residential and commercial real estate. According to a survey of REALTOR.ca... [read more]

Real Estate Investing South Of The Border For Canadians

Thursday May 3rd, 2018


Often I have friends who ask me about investing in the United States. Truth be told I can not advise them whether it is a good or bad decision. Investing in a foreign country has rules and regulations which may or may not be good. There is risk as in what happened here in Toronto lately where the government decided that foreign investors should be penalized.  It may have been good for Canadians but if you were a foreign investor you had to bite the bullet.  Another thing that I... [read more]

Healthy Realtor

Thursday Apr 26th, 2018


I know that some of my colleages talk about working 24/7.  Realistically this is impossible. Even as part of a team, we are human. The truth is that we work hard but not continuous hours.  I generally plan my work around what is important to me. A mentor, Brian Buffini, once showed us while on stage, how he takes a yearly planner and put all the important things that he wanted to do in the following 12 months. He added birtdays and holidays and personal days etc.. He then would... [read more]

Why is hemp becoming so popular

Monday Apr 23rd, 2018


My wife Donna once told me that we should buy a hemp farm. This sounded pretty crazy back then. It is not that I did not want to purchase a farm but I am not farmer. I chose to live in Orangeville because it was a good place to live. There were horse farms all over, ski hills for skiing in winter, hiking trails and also known as head waters county it features lakes and 5 rivers.  Nothing felt better than living in this part of the world but growing hemp part was not something that inspired... [read more]

Painting is the quickest remedy to getting top value for your home

Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018


As many of you know I am part of the Brampton Networking Group (www.bramptonbusinesses.ca). Every week as I attend a meeting I have the opportunity to listen to our speaker of the week. This time around is was Allen Wilder, a proffessional painter and owner of Deluxe Painting.  Allen is a very special person. He has painted for over 15 years experience in painting both residential properties and commercial properties as well. He lives in Brampton and easily accesses my client base that... [read more]

The value of Networking

Monday Apr 16th, 2018


In 2015 I was introduced to a BNI goup. It was a great concept. The people there were fun and brought much to the table. I immediately saw value and decided I would join. My category was real estate which was one of the hardest categories to get into so making a fast decision was crucial. Unfortunately as hard as we tried this new group just could not get off the ground. We would get 3 new people and lose 3 just as fast.  As a result I tried to get into existing groups and again being... [read more]

Condo fees by any other name are only expenses you pay anyways

Monday Mar 26th, 2018


Who pays? Do condos cost so much more then freehold homes   Condo owners pay fees. Very often they are equal to or less than the amount the owner of a freehold home pays. Here are some examples of who pays. Taxes may be included in the fees depending on the type of dwelling. This is typical in a high-rise. In condo town-homes and detached dwellings the owner pays taxes directly. Utilities such as heating, hydro and internet may or may not be included in the fees. Newer... [read more]

Brampton Networking Group

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


With over 40 regular members who meet every Tuesday morning, we provide a wealth of cumulative experience. I ma in real estate but who I know is priceless. When a client is looking to buy or sell a home what they usually ask me is who do you know who can "x"? It may be flooring, tiling kitchens and bathrooms. the list is endless. This is when I go to my core group and always have within a few hours the right resources for my clients. Working with me is like working with the entire... [read more]

How many acres do I need for a horse farm?

Thursday Sep 14th, 2017


Many things will affect how much property you should purchase for a horse farm.  To start with, what kind of horse operation do you want?  My wife an I own a horse.  One day my wife said to me she wanted a farm.  I looked at her and said Noooooo! I do not have a regular job where I can be home to feed them every night. The ideal farm for us is situated 20 minutes away from Orangeville. For a small fee, they bring him in at night and feed him.    We know lots... [read more]

Should I sell?

Sunday Oct 9th, 2016


If you sell this is good for me.  However the right answer is tell me why you want to sell? Do you have a choice at this time? If you have a job transfer do you wish to rent the property for now? Given how crazy the market is, we look at the spread between what you want and what you have. Sell high, buy high or sell low and buy low. For investors the strategy is always to look for ROI. There is good opportunity in every market. For avg Joe another strategy may be apporopriate. Call... [read more]