Law of Attraction For Home Buyers

Tuesday Feb 04th, 2020


        In 1995 I was introduced to the work of Abraham Hicks. I was so amazed by the fact that I can be, do or have anything that I became engrossed by their work. I booked a flight to Los Angeles and went to see them in person. At the time groups were small ranging from 25 people to 120 in the bigger cities. My intention was clear at that time and my life changed for the better. I had money coming in, got a great job, met a lovely woman, was blessed with good friends and... [read more]

Leveraging the Power of Royal Lepage Credit Valley

Friday Mar 22nd, 2019


The spring market is in full swing.  This means I am really busy. Just in the month of March I sold a business, an investment property and a condo town home. One was in Brampton, the other in Kingston and the last in Orangeville.  Unlike some realtors who work one building and go up and down the elevator with their clients all day long, my clients who know, like and trust me want me involved in their big dollar decisions.   And so I am like the wind. Everywhere and... [read more]

Brampton Networking Group

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


With over 40 regular members who meet every Tuesday morning, we provide a wealth of cumulative experience. I ma in real estate but who I know is priceless. When a client is looking to buy or sell a home what they usually ask me is who do you know who can "x"? It may be flooring, tiling kitchens and bathrooms. the list is endless. This is when I go to my core group and always have within a few hours the right resources for my clients. Working with me is like working with the entire... [read more]

The value of Networking

Monday Apr 16th, 2018


In 2015 I was introduced to a BNI goup. It was a great concept. The people there were fun and brought much to the table. I immediately saw value and decided I would join. My category was real estate which was one of the hardest categories to get into so making a fast decision was crucial. Unfortunately as hard as we tried this new group just could not get off the ground. We would get 3 new people and lose 3 just as fast.  As a result I tried to get into existing groups and again being... [read more]